How Can a True Christian Honor the Lord Jesus Christ – What Does the Bible Say?

There are a few verses in the New Testament (2 Peter 1:17, Revelation 5:12-13) which show us that the Lord Jesus Christ has been honored and glorified and shall yet be even more so when he returns to this earth, but what can we each personally do to honor him in the mean time?

After thinking on this for some time, I found myself back in the book of Esther. Esther is a fascinating book with some quite wonderful characters in it. If you haven’t already read it then please do as it’s a wonderful and a true story about some fascinating people. businesshonors

There was Ahasuerus a Persian King and ruler over a huge empire of some 120 provinces – a mixture of different peoples, nations and languages.

There was a young Jewess named Esther who became Queen of this great land – the former Queen having fallen out of favor.

We also find another Jew, a man named Mordacai who was Esther’s Uncle who had been responsible for Esther’s upbringing, both her parents having died when she was quite young.

And then there was Haman, a quite magnificent character. A real up and coming go getter. A man who knew exactly what he wanted and he went out there and he got it. He really knew how to make things happen. He was driven by a great desire to be rich and famous. He sort great wealth and high position in society. He wanted to be famous, looked up to and respected all throughout the Kingdom of Persia particularly in the palace. That was his goal and he went out and achieved it. hi5biz

He was the sort of guy who would throw a big party and invite all the social climbers along just to tell them how great and successful he was and these people were happy to go and listen. Happy to be seen in the “right place with the right people,” doubtless they were made of the same stuff as Haman. So Haman would speak of his great wealth, success in business and all the great honor that had been given him.

You can just see this guy lying awake in his bed at night thinking up ways he could engineer things tomorrow and how he could manipulate people to gain his own ends. Haman was truly a great man – of the flesh.

Now Haman had been promoted to the highest office in the Kingdom and all people bowed to him and praised him except for one, For more info please visit here:- and that one person was Mordacai the Jew. I don’t know why Mordacai refused to honor Haman; perhaps he could see straight through him to the man who was entirely a product of human greed and selfishness.

When Haman saw that Mordacai would not honor him he became furious. He hated Mordacai and wanted him dead. But Haman being a somewhat creative man of considerable vision thought to himself, instead of killing just Mordacai, why not exterminate the entire Jewish race which produced such a man as him.

So he put things in place for that very thing to happen. He asked the King and the King gave him permission to kill all the Jews in his kingdom (which makes you wonder just how much did King Ahasuerus think about any of his decisions). Meanwhile Haman had a gallows built about 23 metres high (big enough to be seen from the palace) to personally hang Mordacai on.

Now Queen Esther had invited Haman to a couple of banquets. Not just any banquets but only for her the King and Haman. Haman was elated. All his dreams had come true.

But on the night before the second banquet, the king had trouble sleeping. Perhaps he had eaten too much the night before or maybe an angel tickled his big toe. For some reason he couldn’t sleep anymore. Then he thought that it’s not right that the King of Persia be the only one awake so he woke some of his servants and asked that the daily chronicles should be brought and read to him (for after all if reading the daily chronicles won’t put you back to sleep then what will?). alternativehealthdirectory


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