Employer Branding 101 – 3 Keys To Using Employee Surveys To Build Your Employer Brand

When building your employer brand, understanding the perception of your employer brand with key stakeholders is critical to nurturing your employer brand.

With easier access to on-line tools to distribute and manage employer branding surveys, how can you ensure that you get the most robust results possible? best seo companies for small businesses

Here are three actions you can take to support your employer brand strategy:

1. Ensure ownership by the leadership team – consider how you can get your leadership team to support you in the roll out and completion of the surveys. One strategy I have used very effectively has been to establish key performance indicators for the percentage number of responses you want to receive. It is not unusual to have returns to employee surveys as low as just forty percent, but this can be significantly increased if you engage your colleagues in the survey roll-out. The Wedding Planner

2. Ask the right questions – if your organisation is one that often uses surveys and 360 feedback tools, take care that you do not have survey overload. By ensuring that you are asking the essential questions you need responses to, ideally with 12 questions or less, will make it less onerous for respondents to reply to the survey. If the questions are able to be understood, jargon free and have good face validity in being understood, you will make it easier for participants to reply.

3. Engage your participants – implementing a communication and engagement plan around your survey, you will help participants understand the reasons for the survey and why their input is needed and valued. Connect the reasons for doing the survey to the context of your market place, Branded Surveys Review your business performance and your people and organisation strategy.

If you currently implement an employee survey to support building your employer brand, review your survey implantation plan against these seven steps. Are there actions you can take to enhance the effectiveness and ownership of the survey in your business?

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