Origin of Tea

Tea belongs to a family of evergreen shrubs that usually rise to about 1-6 meters high. The trees require a lot of water therefore they usually survive in wet conditions, especially along China’s Yangtze River.

The tea plants usually take around three years to mature and from then the leaves can be used up to make teal leaf water, which has medicinal purposes too. After 4-5 pickings, sports shop the tea is usually cleared out and new ones planted altogether.

Tea is originally from China, and this goes a long way back into the years of the emperor Yan. There are a lot of historical records that can back this up too, especially the fact that tea drinking was originally a Chinese idea.

However, litigation there were claims by some British men that they founded the tea drinking habit especially in 1823 when some soldier discovered what they called the big wild tea in India, and they decided to call India the home of tea.

However there are those who believe that the British actually stole the tea idea from China during the historic years since there is no proof of wild tea in India, sho.org.ua and there is not even a single person that can attest to the knowledge of this.

As a matter of fact, there are some people that believe that the whole wild tea idea was just some logical errors and an attempt by the British to seek recognition. However, osr.kr.ua what remains as a fact is that the earliest tea drinkers were Chinese, and there are historical records to prove that. With such evidence, archaeologists can conclude that China is actually the home of tea.

Though some people still have their doubts on the matter, tawonliar the fact remains that there is a lot of evidence to show that tea originated from China, unlike he unfounded speculation that suggests otherwise.


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