The Value of Cartoons

As an adult, unless one is a cartoon or comics buff, it might be thought that cartoons have no value. There is a huge value to such things though, beyond any laughter they might bring into our lives. Cartoons have a plot and tell a story, just like any good book or movie. kaufen sie k2 online Since humanity began, stories have served to teach us many things: danger, love, adventure, virtue, relationships…there is no end to the things that can be taught with a story. The advent of animated cartoons brought the whole story-telling thing into a more state-of-the-art realm.

Psychologists and educators have debated for years about how violence in cartoons may have a negative effect on children. Some of that of course is true, especially in young children, who have a hard time telling the difference between fantasy and the adult version of ‘reality’. There is one thing about cartoons that might not have crossed the mind of most adults, however: the teachings about Death. Oh sure, there’s plenty of death and destruction dealt out in cartoons, even with something as innocent as Bugs Bunny, anime4up Popeye and the Roadrunner. But more often than not, the ‘dead’ character springs back to life.

While most child educators are screaming about how children don’t understand that dropping an anvil or piano on someone from a height will actually kill them, maybe we should look at that from a more spiritual standpoint. Sure, that would kill the avatar playing in this video game we call Life On Earth, but, the spirit lives on…the spirit is never killed. The rules of this particular game state that such things will be punished and that the punishment will be severe-as it must be for this version of ‘reality’. After all, those are the rules of the video game. Perhaps if the whole problem was explained to kids in the video game analogy, they would understand better and there would be far less violence. Just telling a child who asks ‘why’ something like “because we just don’t DO that!” will get you about as far as trying to teach your pet caterpillar to turn into a cockroach instead of a butterfly.

The younger a child is the closer to the Source of all Creation they are…and the more they remember of being with that Source. They¬†know that death is not real, that this is a weird game, and that we all go back to the Source. No wonder they ask so many ‘why’ questions-this strange world makes absolutely no sense to them. When the child starts playing video games might be the perfect time to get a few explanations to stick. As soon as they understand the rules of a game, jiliko the analogy to life can be shown. Then it will make more sense to a mind so removed from what is Real.


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