Google News Traffic That Will Get You Insane Traffic

If you’re not keen on writing you can outsource your writing to get your posts approve by Google News, as they want you to meet a few guide lines:

100% unique content and it has to tell a news story.

Always give 100% value in your posts

Talk about a new website that has just launched and give details on how this website can benefit your readers. (You have to actually have to provide news.) frontiernews

This cannot be an article in the typical sense, put more like a press release or it will not get approved. Never sell your product in your post they will know your just selling and not give information.

This method can keep you at the top off the search engines for up to a month, depending on the topic. For example, if your write your post about a credit card that might stay up there for one to three hours in another hand you might write your post about a tractor and that could stay up there for months! The less competition your keyword has the better it will work out for you.

Ok, so here’s how to you get your post on to Google news: Simply go to a website call and type in to the search bar Google news and there will be a list of “gigs” that come up. Take your time searching and have a look through each of them. What you are going to do is select someone to help you.

You want to pick the gigs very carefully. You should check out their feed back and make sure they have 100% good reviews, before you give them a job.

Once you find someone who will post to the Google News site for you, award them the job and normally within a few hours your post will be live on Google news! Most times, it will be on the front page off Google. now sit back and watch your traffic come in, just think of it this way. If you write four posts every day and do this consistently, just think how much traffic your site will be getting?

The easy way to get traffic is Google News. Every thing on this website is only $5! How cool is this? You can get most of the jobs you need done here for $5!


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