Cruise Discounts – Are You Getting the Best Possible Price?

Make no mistake about it, the cruise lines are in business for one reason only, and that is to make money. While numerous discounts may be available for your cruise, the cruise specialist you talk to on the phone to make your arrangements may not be very forthcoming about them. You have to ask, and sometimes you have to ask multiple times.

While talking to a cruise specialist about your cruise, if you do not feel that he or she is giving you the best possible discounts, simply thank them and call back later to talk to a different person. For example, on a past cruise I had booked and paid for an interior cabin well in advance. As the cruise date approached, For more info please visit sites:- my wife and I decided to upgrade to balcony cabins to treat ourselves. After talking to the cruise line, I was told it would be an additional $249 per person for the upgrade. I politely thanked her and hung up. An hour later I talked to someone else who gave me a price of $229 per person for the upgrade. Again, I thanked them but did not upgrade. The next day I spoke to a third customer service representative for the cruise line and wound getting a very nice discount applied to the upgrade because I was a veteran. Our upgrade wound up costing $120 per person, taking 50% off the first quoted price.

Not many people know about the veteran’s discount and I did not learn about it until my fourth cruise. Now I use it every time I book one. Another often missed opportunity is the over 55 discount. Again, you will have to ask for it because they will not offer it freely. An interesting point on both of these seldom used discounts, is that it not only applies to the veteran or the person 55 or older, booking-a-cruise but to the person or persons sharing that cabin as well.

The past cruiser or loyalty discount that most cruise lines give can be another difficult one to take advantage of. This discount, like others, does not apply to all cruises. Most times, your past cruiser discount will get you cabin upgrades but not necessarily a better price. If you plan to cruise during peak times, do not expect much in the way of discounts. Travelling on those “off weeks” when the kids are in school is where you can get your best deals.

You can also get discounts on cruise lines you have never sailed with before based on who owns them. For example, if you have sailed previously on Carnival Cruise Lines, cruise-ship-booking you can get a discount on Princess, Cunard, Norwegian, and several others because they are owned by Carnival Cruise Lines. Again, as with all discounts, you are going to have to ask for the past cruiser discount.

Once your cruise is booked and even paid for, you can still get further discounts and take advantage of specials as the cruise draws near. Cruise lines do not like empty cabins and as the sailing date approaches, if they are not sold out, they will offer discount prices on travel sites. You need to stay on top of this and if you see your cruise being discounted, comforthottubs call them and you might be able to get your already booked cruise discounted to match the advertised price.

Tenacity is the keyword here in finding and applying discounts to your cruise vacations. And do not worry about offending or annoying your cruise specialist, they are used to discount seekers. For most people, cruises are a dream vacation that has to be saved for and sacrifices made to afford it so be sure to always get the most for your hard earned cruise dollars. pinkribbonlove


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