The Demand For Digital Marketing

Mobile video is at an ever increasing rate as more people plug into Smart phones and iPads. Add to that the fact that we live in an on-demand world where information can be obtained with the snap of a finger, booking-a-cruise then paused, forwarded or deleted. Advertisers recognize these two factors as they clamour to develop new ways in which to bring product knowledge to the masses. One way to keep up with the fast pace of technology is to use digital marketing.

Imagine checking the news headlines via the cell phone and a brief car commercial pops up. Or, book a cruise clicking on a blog for bridal gowns and a rolling ad for a bridal shop rolls across the computer screen. These examples are part of digital marketing, a highly sophisticated form of advertising geared towards the consumer. It can be seen on many web sites such as Dr. Phil, Oprah and even CNN. Commercials shown using this technology are short, to-the-point and demand attention. Many times, a commercial under the form of digital marketing will not allow the viewer to fast forward or delete. Keeping the attention of the viewer for more than five seconds is essential today more than it was ten or twenty years ago. Pretty savvy thinking.

As video on demand increases, digitalhackingtips so does the need for digital marketing. Many colleges now offer degree programs specifically for this technology. As students study this newer way to reach customers, they will see the difference between the types of advertising their parents viewed compared to what is being viewed today. Digital marketing gives companies the ability to advertise a product across an array of media forms; such as web sites, viral video, mobile phones, email and iPads.

The average annual salary for a manager in this field is 30,000 pounds. In the world of advertising, product branding and customer outreach are still important as students gain knowledge about the world of digital marketing, but the output of a commercial requires cutting edge ideas and creativity.

What does the future hold? The amount of money spent on digital marketing is expected to reach 2 Billion over the next year. As more people continue to purchase electronic items and mobile video usage increases, then companies must be ready to get a foot hold on the market for their products.


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